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Tips for Finding Apartments Atlanta West Midtown

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If your credit is less than perfect, or if you have some dings on your rental history, it can be difficult to rent an apartment. However, as you research apartments Atlanta West Midtown, it makes sense to do the best job of presenting yourself that you can. Future landlords are more likely to rent to you if you present an appealing picture, so lets look at a few tips for how to do just that.

Dress the Part
When you’ll be meeting someone who has the power to impact your future, it makes good sense to make sure that you’re appropriately dressed. While it’s not necessary to look as though you’re going out to dinner and the theater, you also don’t want to look like you’ve been gardening or laboring all day. Instead, aim for a business casual look, so that the potential landlord or property manager is more likely to offer you the respect that you deserve.

Provide References
Rental agencies often use a credit report and a background check to determine if a tenant is safe to rent to and if they will be able to afford to pay the rent. If you have any dings to either of these, it can make the process of renting a home far more complicated. It’s better to come prepared with several letters of reference. Then you can address the issue up front, and explain that although you’ve had a tough run recently, there are people willing to vouch for your character and your financial ability to pay. In severe cases, it may become necessary to find a friend or relative that is willing to cosign the loan for you. Some property owners will allow this, if the only issue at hand is a low credit score.

Consider an Extra Deposit
If you’re having trouble renting apartments Atlanta West Midtown because of either your credit, your past rental history, or owning pets, it may help to offer an additional security deposit. This helps the landlord to feel confident that if something negative should happen while you’re living in the property, they have the money on hand to cover the damages that could occur. In many cases, especially issues with pets, landlords are willing to accept an additional deposit in order to rent to you. Unfortunately, this tip won’t work as well with some breeds of animal, as in some cases they are banned by the landlord’s home insurance policy, not the landlord themselves.

Offer Cash or Money Orders
If the issue is you being able to pay the rent, it helps to come prepared with pay stubs and bank statements. It may also work to offer to pay the rent early, in cash, or with a money order. If the landlord receives money in these forms, they won’t have to worry about the potential for bounced checks.

While renting after a setback is certainly not the easiest thing to do, it is often possible. Try these tips and rent the apartment in Atlanta that you have your eye on today.