Hunting In Lexington

Visited Nashville TN For The Weekend With A Few Friends

My friends and I talked about going away for a weekend. We didn’t know where we wanted to go or do. We started looking for fun things that interested us all. We never got to get away together and usually had our kids with us when we did anything. However, we were leaving them with our husbands and having a fun relaxing weekend.

We wanted to go somewhere close so we started looking for fun things to do. We weren’t having any luck searching, so we expanded our search. That’s when we started looking at things to do in Nashville TN. There were several things that appealed to all of us and it wasn’t really that far of a drive to get there.

While my friends searched for things to do in Nashville TN, I looked for cheap hotels to stay in. We all agreed on an amount that we could afford to pay for a room for a few nights. I wanted to find a hotel with a pool in it so we could enjoy ourselves swimming too. I was able to find a really great deal on a hotel that had a pool and a hot tub. I told my friends what I had found and where it was located. We agreed that was going to be the perfect place to stay and I reserved the room for 2 nights.

In the meantime, they had found events and places to see in the area. We had a few things added to the list of what we wanted to do but we were going to play it by ear and decide what to do when we got there.

One of my friends drove all of us and it was a really fun road trip for us all. We arrived at our hotel and immediately checked out everything close to the hotel. The hotel itself had lots of things to do and after getting our things to our room, we checked out the bar. After having a few drinks, we decided we would go to the Hard Rock Cafe and the next evening we went to the Grand Ole Opry. It was something we had all wanted to check out and finally got to.

We had a great time on our trip and we all want to go back again when we can.